U.C.: Shuttles to Yale Successful

The Undergraduate Council sponsored shuttle service to The Game is a success, according to Campus Life Committee Co-chair Philip R. Kaufman '96.

Yesterday's shuttles to Yale, which left from Johnston Gate, had only two empty seats, Kaufman said. Today's shuttles still have vacancies, he said.

According to Kaufman, approximately 750 students have purchased tickets for the shuttles. The council had hoped to break even on the service, but Kaufman estimates it will lose about $1,500.

For many students, the trip was successful for other reasons.

"The U.C. gave as Fruitopia. It was awesome and they also gave us potato chips. The other bus had a TV," said Elizabeth L. Kanter '99 in a telephone interview after arriving at Yale last night.


According to Kanter, who was on a 2 p.m. bus, when the bus reached New Haven "people started making Yale jokes. We saw an ambulance and somebody said 'oh what a surprise to be in New Haven and to see an ambulance.'"

Yalies had mixed reactions to the bus loads of Harvard students arriving.

"I think it rocks...It's great that all these Harvard students are coming down to see Yale kick Harvard's butt," said Jennifer A. McTiernan, a first-year Yale student.

In contrast, another Yalie, David M. Miller, said he "hadn't seen [Harvard students] yet," quickly adding. "Harvard kids are just a bunch of prudes that never crawl out from under the rocks they live under."

"I'll be up next year to see Harvard's butt get kicked again," McTiernan said. But she added that the Harvard-Yale rivalry was "all in good fun."

The $18 shuttle tickets are still available for today's shuttles and can be purchased from council members.

Busses will be departing from Johnston Gate and from Currier House for Yale at 8 a.m. Return Shuttles will be leaving Yale's Phelps Gate tonight at 7 p.m. and all-day tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m.

The council will also run shuttles to the airport before Thanksgiving. Tickets for airport shuttles are free and can be obtained at the Holyoke Center Ticket Office