Berry Receives Service Award

Michael P. Berry, director of Harvard Dining Services (HDS), received an award for excellence in food services this month.

Berry received a Visionary Award on November 8 in recognition for his work with HDS. Other award winners were Jeremiah Tower '65, owner of Stars restaurant in San Francisco, and Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's in Honolulu.

The Visionary Awards, launched this year by two food management groups, Creative Food Solutions and the Food Group, are given in recognition of people "who are kind of pushing the envelope in their business," Berry said.

Berry said yesterday he thinks the award is the result of HDS' variety of foods and diversity of service.

"I think the things that perhaps impressed them about our menu [were that] we've tried to implement more and more diverse foods in the menu cycle," he said.


Berry said the judges cited HDS dining, catering and campus restaurants when granting the award. Award recipients were selected by representatives of seven food service magazines.

HDS has also been nominated for the prestigious Ivy Award, which is presented each year to the best college food service in the United States.

Harvard, Vanderbilt and Notre Dame were nominated by Restaurants and Institutions magazine as the best college food service organizations in the United States.

Berry said all 500 HDS employees have been working toward winning the Award since their Spring Workshop last year.

"It's really all the people out there in the houses who are working the hardest," Berry said.

"All the employees and the managers really all focused on it," he added.

The Ivy Award will be announced in January at the 1996 National Restaurant Show in Chicago