Higginbotham Owes Apology


On October 23, Judge Leon Higginbotham of the Kennedy School of Government testified on the subject of affirmative action before a United States Senate subcommittee on the Constitution. So did the president of the United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC), Susan Au Allen. USPAACC is a national non profit organization representing Asian American men and women in business and other professions.

During her testimony, Allen said the following: The son or daughter of a very rich African American or Hispanic family automatically receives financial aid from Harvard University once he or she is admitted. The sons and daughters of a poor white family or an Asian American family do not automatically receive financial aid. What is true at Harvard is also true at other colleges. That is unjust."

To this, Judge Higginbotham said, "Lies, lies, lies," Allen responded, "True, true, true."

To prove her point, Allen has asked that the Crimson's October 11 staff editorial be published in the Senate Record. The editorial urges changes in the present policy that offers full financial funding to select minorities regardless of need, while whites and Asian Americans receive no such bargain.

Judge Higginbotham owes Allen an apology for calling her a liar. He should also do some explaining to Harvard. Such behavior obviously lacks decorum, dignity and scholarship. --Joseph C. Dawson   Executive Director,   USPAACC