HSA Finds Permanent Location In Square

Former Elsie's Site Is Business' New Home

Next fall, Harvard Student Agencies will finally find a permanent home.

After 39-years of moving from place to place the nation's largest student-run corporation will move to 67 Mount Auburn St. the former home of Elsie's sandwich Shop. The business is current located at One Story St. and 53a Church St.

HSA Will replace the Manter Hall Schools, Which now occupies the top three floors of that building.

The move will end the agency's long history of relocating .

"We've moved all around Cambridge for the past 37 years," said Richard M. Olken '67' general manager of HSA and Let's Go Travel.


Olken said the agency has moved at least five or six times since its foundation--an average of once every five or six years.

HSA was most recently forced to move from the basement of Thayer Hall when renovations began in May 1993.

For the past nine months, members of the agency have been discussing the possibility of moving, said Larry W. Cheng '96' President of HSA.

Cheng said the agency first considered moving because the Present location is too crowded.

"For our student employees, we're basically packed up here," Cheng said. "We've maximized all our space and we have nomore space to grow.

"We wanted to move to a bigger space so wecould ultimately expand and provide more jobs,"Cheng said.

Cheng said the agency selected the Mt. Auburnstreet location primarily because of itsconvenient location "Mount Auburn is moreaccessible," Cheng said.

"We've been scouring the area for quite a longtime and I think we were very lucky to find thatspace," Olken said.

The opportunity to purchase the building onMount Auburn Street was too good to pass up, Chengsaid. "We won't have to move again, I am justreally psyched."

"The [The new site] is intended to be ourpermanent home," Olken said. "It's disruptive tohave to move every few years."

The agencies lease their current buildings fromHarvard, Cheng said. HSA will delay its move untilthe fall of 1996, when those leases expire.

Olken also said they want to give the ManterHall School time to relocate, and then will needsome time to renovate the building.

HSA consists of eight businesses, includingLet's Go Travel