from the editors

We made it through Valentine's Day relatively unscathed. No carnations, true--but no dinners at the top of the Pru, either (cf. Malone, Brian. "The Worst of Boston: 'Worst Place to Take a Date,'" FM 4:1).

We did, however, receive an assortment of complimentary conversation hearts, Necco wafers and even a Skybar or two, courtesy of the New England Confectionary Company. That's the truly great thing about journalism--free stuff. There is such thing as a free lunch, after all! Conversation hearts must make for a nutritious lunch; otherwise, Mike Berry and his crew over at HDS wouldn't serve them, now would they? Maybe we'll do every scrutiny on a candy manufacturer....

We here at FM here at FM care, though. Really, we do. We're not just in it for the gratis goodies (though that Brady Bunch Movie promo lunch box sure kicks rerun butt!). In the commingled spirit of freebies, Condom Awareness Week and post-Valentine's Day amour, we have attached a free condom to every FM issue. If it's not there, question your roommates.

While we aren't shedding tears over Valentine's Day's uneventful passing, Michelle Pfeiffer is log gone, and that makes us sad. But Pforzheimer is here to stay. So is Pfipfteen minutes.