Break-in Rash Hits Center

Three break-ins occurred at the Harvard-affiliated Catholic Student Center during intersession, according to Reverend J. Bryan Hehir, chaplain of the center.

Hehir would not elaborate on what was stolen or when or on how the thefts occurred, but he confirmed that three separate incidents occurred.

In the wake of the robberies, the center is keeping a closer eye on its security, said Joan R. Travers, administrative director of Catholic Student Center.

The center is now more strict about the closing time of its library. Travers said it now closes at 10 p.m. sharp, no exceptions.

"We have to be more aware of the security in the building," she said.


The library is open to both students and local parishioners, she said.

According to Travers, increases in security will not interfere with student's access to the library.

"They're still most welcome here," she said.