CLUH Asks Epps for Decision

Civil Liberties Union Questions Length of Approval Process

The Civil Liberties Union of Harvard (CLUH) last night voted to send a letter asking Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III to resolve the status of Christians in Action as a student group.

CLUH does not advocate any particular position about the group's status in the brief letter. Members interviewed said CLUH has not discussed an official position on the group's recognition.

"We just hope to get a response which explains to us why the approval process has taken so long, what he plans to do to expedite the process, and when he plans to make a decision," said Jeff A. Redding '96, assistant director for student affairs.

Christians in Action, a group affiliated with the Boston Church of Christ, applied for status as an official student group two years ago. A decision on the group's status is currently pending in the Undergraduate Council's Campus Life Committee.

At the meeting, CLUH members also discussed College rules concerning computer use. "We want to make sure they respect students' free speech and privacy rights," said Robert W.Yalen '95, a former director of CLUH.


"We intend to prepare a complete report on the matter any try to work with the administration to make changes in the system," he said.

Other issues discussed include the status of a e-mail as a right or a privilege and whether the transfer of certain materials can be restricted.

Yalen compared the computer report to CLUH's report on the Administrative Board. That report, produced several years ago, led to several changes in the College policies.