Council Sponsors Dating Service

Looking for your true love this Valentine Season?

The Undergraduate Council might be able to help you out.

The council is sponsoring a matchmaking service this month. Students answer multiple-choice questions on topics ranging from stands on abortion to the importance of laughter, said council member Jinesh N. Shah '98, who is organizing the service.

Participants then receive a list of the 15 Harvard students with whom they are most compatible, Shah added.

"We're not trying to trivialize dating," Shah said. "It's just fun."


The fee for playing the council's dating game is one dollar, council member Albert S. Lee '98 said.

Students who play the game will answer several compatability questions.

Among the queries posed are: "Presently, my primary concerns include: 1. suffering and world peace; 2. political and economic situation of U.S.; 3. my grades; 4. the best party next weekend."

Another test of compatibility is: "How do you feel about little kids? 1. Like them; 2. Can't stand them; 3. Depends on the kid."

Members of the council said in interviews yesterday that this event is not a fundraiser but a service to students.

"Basically, the [council] wanted to do a service for Valentine's Day," Lee said.

"It's a lot of fun, and it's interesting to see who you're compatible with," he added.

All upper class students will receive the forms in their mailboxes.

First-year students should have the form door dropped sometime this week, according to newly-elected council President Joshua D. Liston '95.

Forms are to be turned in by Valentine's Day to collection boxes in dining halls.