Salient E-Mail Acknowledges Money Trouble

"You MUST work for the business department in order to have an article printed," Hopke wrote. "There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!"

Staffers have been told they must try to sell ads to nine or 10 businesses in order to have an article printed.

Hopke wrote that the $500 minimum had to be raised by staffers; the figure takes into account donations and funding Madison Center for Educational Affairs, he wrote.

Business Manager Colin Kennedy '97 yesterday referred all questions onfinancial matters to Hopke.

Frisbie said Monday the paper may not survivethrough 1996 due to "the loss of discipline andthe financial problems and the staff turnover."

Bruce and Frisbie were asked to resign from TheSalient last week; Managing Editor Stephen L.Manley '97 and Sammy C. Lai '97, former assistantbusiness manager, resigned their positions forpersonal reasons. Faculty advisor Baird Professorof History Richard Pipes also resigned hisposition with the organization, Pidot saidyesterday.


"Pipes resigned because of philosophicaldifferences," Pidot said. "Not financial. Hedisagreed with an editorial written by LisaPearlman ['97]."

Pearlman said yesterday that she had not heardPipes had disagreed with her editorial: "Pipes isnot a significant part of The Salient operation."

"It wasn't a terribly well-written article,"Pidot said. "It didn't give the University duerespect."

Kenan Professor of Government Harvey C.Mansfield Jr. '53 is still The Salient's facultyadvisor, Pidot said.

Pidot said The Salient will continue to existbecause he, other contributors and the MadisonCanter will support it.

"While it is my prerogative to support theSalient, it is not my responsibility to supportthe Salient," said Pidot, who says he has loanedthe organization roughly $1,000.

"The current Salient administration isinterested in minimizing the fiscal burden itplaces on me and other supporters," Pidot said