Amnesty International Petitions for Signatures

More Than 600 People Sign Document Supporting Women's Rights Abroad

In observance of International Women's Day, members of the Harvard chapter of Amnesty International tabled yesterday in front of the Science Center, collecting over 600 signatures for three petitions on women's human rights.

"Women are often the target of systematic human rights violations and we wanted Harvard students to be aware of the violations that occur throughout the world," said Zeeshan H. Zaidi' 97, president of the Harvard chapter of Amnesty International.

The first petition, a general show of support for women's human rights, will be sent to the Fourth World Conference on Women to be held in Beijing in September 1995, Zaidi said.

The other two petitions addressed specific cases of women's human rights violations in Indonesia and the Sudan. According to Zaidi, the signed petitions will be sent to the respective governments, urging them to curtail human rights violations.

Literature on each of the three petitions was available at the table. Members of the organization also sold various Amnesty International souvenirs, including T-shirts and calendars.

Craig Lancaster '97, one of the club members who tabled yesterday, said, "It's important to table for women's rights since in other countries they are treated differently when abducted and are subjected to sexual assault as well as other forms of torture."

Catherine Hung, a student at the Graduate School of Education who signed the petitions, said she has been a supporter of human rights in the past and that her classmates have been veryactive in the effort.

"I think it's crucial that everybody,especially students, show unified support,especially here in the United States, for humanrights and specifically women's rights," she said.

Jennifer F. Lacano '97, said she signed thepetitions to support human rights in general,regardless of whether they affected women or men.

Zaidi said he was pleased with the overallresponse. "I think [the tabling] was reallysuccessful despite the fact that it was incrediblycold today," he said. "A lot of people turned outto help table and a lot of Harvard students signedthe petition.

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