Clip'n Save


For those who can't seem to get enough shear madness, but have had enough of the "Contract with America," the Women's Caucus for Art has a solution. The Caucus is sponsoring a nation-wide "art project" to protest proposed cuts to National Endowment for the Arts funding.

To defend the NEA from Newt Gingrich's snipping shears, send a pair of your own to your senator or representative. The Caucus suggests that you take a pair of plastic scissors, glue them shut so that they won't cut, and write "No Cuts to the Arts" on them. The scissors can be sent through the U.S. Mail in a plastic baggie with a mailing label taped to the outside. Be sure to include a note stating your name and address, and that you are a registered voter.

Free pairs of plastic scissors for the project will be available at Pearl Art Supplies, 579 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. Just be sure you don't get so excited that you run home with the scissors.

For more information, call Christine Crabb at 495-8676. All those who participate can be assured that they are simultaneously fulfilling the roles of artist and citizen.--SBB