From the editors

As the snow turns to icy rain and freezes the trees in the Yard, we huddle together in the FM office, burning old copies of the mag to stay warm. Welcome to March.

Traction. That's the word on the streets these days, for those planning to walk on them. FM recommends cleats. Just carry a pair of slippers in your backpack, and slip them on right before class. You'll see us doing it. You won't be alone.

Junior parents' weekend is fast approaching. Those of us who haven't cleaned our rooms since freshman parents' weekend are discovering clothes (and floor space) we never knew we had. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement.

For those parents who may be reading FM for the first time, welcome aboard. It may look confusing at first, but don't be intimidated.

The "For the Moment" section was first established after World War I, when Harvard students returning from war decided that they would like to spend their free time researching what people should wear to recruiting interviews, or what you can find out through the fire door.

If a single FTM article is cut, we are bound by law to relinquish FM to the Boston Phoenix.

The "scrutiny," which focuses this week on first-year outreaches, was named after Sir Larry Scrutiny. A Harvard graduate, Sir Scrutiny was a passenger on the historic Pacific Princess. With one foot on the lifeboat that would carry him and nine lucky others to safety, Scrutiny forfeited his place upon realizing that he had left a brilliant piece of investigative journalism in the ship's infirmary, with Doc. That's also why we serve popsicles three times a day here at FM.