Fashion-Minded Undie Wear

for the moment

THE FIRST THING you put on each day. The item of clothing only certain people get to see on you. The last thing you take off. These are only a few of the important roles underwear plays in your life (unless of course you are Brooke Shields, and nothing comes between you and your Calvin's). Most of us are conditioned to put on a clean pair of underwear first thing in the morning or right after a shower. It's not something that takes a lot of thought or effort, so it seems as if it wouldn't be such a big deal--but it is.

Open any fashion magazine and you're bound to find a full-page layout of some super-skinny woman, or muscle-rippling man clad in only the bare minimum. According to these magazines, it's no longer be fashionable to wear the flower-or paisley-print underwear that comes in a six pack. Underwear has fallen into the same label-conscious category of jeans; most of them look the same, but everyone wants to have the right name stitched across their waist.

Not only has designer underwear become a fad, but the look of all underwear has changed as well. Underwear made of satin and silk with lace trimming is being replaced by a more athletic style. This new image, still sexy, is much more practical. It bridges the gap between underwear you put on for class and underwear you wear to a hot date. Today's underwear is multipurpose, and much more comfortable than the Victoria's Secret lace crotch-floss.

Changes are being made in the exciting world of bras, as well. The Wonder Bra claims that it's newest invention in the underwear market, and can give women who are flat some cleavage. (Although, realistically, one wonders how something can come from nothing). Actually, this bra is not new at all; it originated in the 60's, and our mom's called it the "push-up bra." It died out in the 70's and 80's, and resurfaced in the 90's by jumping on the trendy underwear adcampaign bandwagon.

Lingerie designers haven't neglected men, either. The boxers-versus-briefs controversy finally has another option. Indecisive men can now buy the underwear Marky Mark models, which is somewhere in-between, but may look better if left in Marky Mark's closet.


Women have more of a variety to choose from when they get dressed (or undressed). Not only is there a plethora of fabrics, but there are more styles to choose from as well. Granny-cut, french-cut, thong and bikini underwear all grace local lingerie sections. Highcut panties are a relatively new invention, designed to alleviate the problem of VPL (visible panty line to novices). In the 70's when tight polyester was the rage, the commonly worn granny underwear, which cuts into the tops of your legs, would leave a line that was noticeable from several feet away, a big fashion faux pas. High cut underwear was the start of a solution to this problem, and eventually the thong eradicated the problem completely.

Even if your underwear drawer is currently filled with white cotton panties (or banana-hammocks, for you male readers), there's no need to panic. Although fashion magazines stress the importance of a stylish pair of underwear, when you're up close and personal, few people care what kind of undies you wear, as long as they're clean.

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