New Phone on Trial

Harvard community members are invited to test a new telephone system set up between Weld Hall and University Hall, according to Assistant Dean of Students Sarah E. Flatley.

The new Gaitronics phone, which combines emergency and centrex features, will be up until the end of this week for trials.

Students can comment on the phone by filling out response cards in the Weld Hall basement Yard superintendent's office.

The phone is being tested in response to demands from the Harvard University Police Department, College administrators and undergraduates for consistent telephone service throughout the campus.

Harvard currently has a mixture of phone models, including centrex only, emergency only or a combination of both.


Earlier this year, members of the Undergraduate Council asked for better campus phone service in a discussion about campus security.

Elizabeth A. Haynes '98, a student member of the Committee on College Life, said last week that she had tried the new phone and found it "amazing."