Performer's Picks

Igor Fulkin, the Russian puppeteer, wins many votes in this category Lindsay McCoy of the Cambridge Art Board says, "He's an incredible performer. We have been able to give him a lot of indoor gigs." Says Landin "He brings the magic. He came here in his world travels and was emotionally overwhelmed by his acceptance. He felt like a star."

Joyce Garces from Inca Sun exclaims, "The best in the Square? Why us!"

Jay Coats claims the jugglers are her favorites because they're funny." She also likes "some guy named Eric who ran away from Ireland when he was a kid and now plays folk on the street." She also likes Athena, who plays folk, though Coats has heard her "singing the theme to the Brady Bunch."

"This guy John," Tony Throne's favorite. "He has a puppet that dangles from the end of his electric guitar and has a drum machine connected to his body so he can walk around.

Here, like this! He's the coolest."

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