BGLSA Targets Awareness

Week-Long Drive Focuses on Increasing Role on Campus

The BGLSA launched this year's seven Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Awareness Days (BGLAD) yesterday with an Awareness Drive on the steps of Widener Library. Members of Harvard's six gay and lesbian organizations handed out pink triangle pins and informational flyers and spoke with passers-by.

"My vision is to move BGLSA into a more prominent social and political role on campus," said BGLSA Co-chair Royce C. Lin '96. "I envision it, especially BGLAD, to emphasize not only the social needs of the bisexual, gay and lesbian community, but also our role in contributing to life at Harvard. We are part of so many other communities, and we would like others to recognize that fact."

The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus, an alumni, student and faculty group, later sponsored an evening reception attended by approximately 60 gay and lesbian faculty and students in Adams House Lower Common Room.

"Personally I think that it is wonderful that gay and lesbian students can meet with faculty in this kind of setting," said Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature and the Chairman of the Linguistics Department Michael S. Flyer. "Such an event, when I was an undergraduate in the early '60s at Berkeley, was unthinkable."

The BGLAD week's events include several lectures and panel discussions on issues involving the gay and lesbian community, as well as the BGLAD dance scheduled on Saturday night in Adams House Dining Room.


Many faculty members praised the organization of the event and the week's activities.

"It is nice to see a large numbers of out gay faculty members here," said Professor of Philosophy Warren Goldfarb '69. "The BGLAD schedule as a wholeseems to evidence a great deal of energy from thegay and lesbian community."

Associate Professor of Philosophy FredNeuhouser agreed. "The social event is a lot offun. The first people I saw when entering the roomwere three of my students. That is always nice. Icome to this event every spring."

Students also said they appreciated theopportunity to meet with openly gay and lesbianfaculty members at the reception.

"I think it is a good idea to invite facultyand students," said Natasha Bir '96. "It helps toestablish a well rounded community. You feel thatit is more inclusive."

Lin stressed the need for unity both betweengay and lesbian groups on campus, and betweenheterosexual and gay members of the Harvardcommunity.

"I want to emphasize that BGLAD is foreveryone, a chance for those self-identified asgay, lesbian and bisexual to feel a sense of pridein their community, but also a time for all of usto learn from each other."

Unlike past years when BGLAD week was organizedsolely by BGLSA, Lin said that he had advocatedthe participation of other University gay andlesbian groups, as well as the co-sponsorship ofevents by other student organizations like theHarvard-Radcliffe Hillel, RUS and the IOP.

Ana M. Lara '97, who tabled at the awarenessdrive, said she was excited about the week'sevents. "It is awesome to see so many people here,and they are all queer.