$500,000 Pledged; More Gifts Promised

Biotech entrepreneur Richard H. Rosen has given approximately $500,000 to the Division of Applied Sciences to help provide research funds for junior faculty in their second and third years, Rosen said yesterday.

Rosen, who attended the College for two years in the late 1950's and then received an A.M. and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Harvard, said it is the first in a series of gifts he plans to give to Harvard.

"There will be more gifts," Rosen said. "I will give as much as I possibly can to the University." He did not know how much the gifts will eventually total.

Rosen is the chief executive of Biosafe Inc., a Cambridge-based company that seeks biological solutions to environmental problems.

"I have an endless love and affection for Harvard University," Rosen said. "I feel obligated to help the University as much as I can."

Rosen said he is particularly interested in aiding junior faculty, because when he was a graduate student he felt that they needed more support than they were receiving from the University. Still, he said, he enjoyed his Harvard experience.

"I got a wonderful education and I am doing very interesting things," Rosen said. "Each day I wake there is something new and exciting happen- ing."

Rosen said he planned his gift with Dean of theDivision of Applied Science Paul C. Martin andProfessor of Mechanical Engineering Frederick H.Abernathy.

"Such gifts are important to building ourprogram, and they are particularly welcome at atime when federal funding is so uncertain. We aregrateful to Richard Rosen for his loyalty andinterest in the division," Martin said. Martinsaid he hoped that Rosen would slightly expand theterms of the gift's use, however.

Abernathy was out of town yesterday and couldnot be reached for comment.

Many professors had not yet heard of the giftyesterday, but everyone interviewed said it wouldprovide much-needed assistance for junior facultymembers.

Professor of Electrical Engineering WoodwardYang, who did not know of the donation, called it"a tremendous help these days when funding isdifficult to get."

Yang is a junior faculty member