Playboy Alternate To Be Sold in Fall


In response to Playboy magazine's recent visit to interview women for their upcoming issue featuring women of the Ivy League, the Lyman Common Room asserts the following:

We support a woman's right to determine her own way to express herself.

Playboy magazine not only stifles a woman's self-expression, but it constructs women as two-dimensional "playthings" for men. Viewing women only as sexualized objects ignores their humanity, which makes it easier to condone violence against them.

In conjunction with women from Yale, Cornell, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth and Princeton, the Lyman Common Room at Radcliffe is helping to assemble an alternative magazine to the Playboy issue entitled Women of the Ivy League, to be released next fall. The alternative magazine offers a way for women of the Ivy League to be recognized for their talent, intelligence, creativity, sexuality and tru beauty. It combats media images which use women as marketing devices by encouraging women's bodies to voice their desires and aspirations. Women deserve their own voice. Through this magazine, women can portray themselves as they want to be seen.

No requirements. No stereotypes. Just pure expression to communicate the three-dimensional woman of the Ivy League.


Artwork, photographs, thoughts, poems, essays and any other creations can be brought to the Lyman Common Room, Agassiz House, Radlcliffe Yard. Lyman Common Room Coordinators