The Coop Offers Best Values


I read with some puzzlement the commentary by Daniel Altman in the "Dartboard" of May 12, 1995. By his suggestions, it is obvious he does not shop at the Coop or appreciate the value the Coop offers students.

The snack and candy area has been expanded and well-received by students. The coop offers the best value in the square, values that are well under your stated "horribly overpriced" competition. True, We don't have the late-night hours of some stores, but the majority of our businesis from members. There are students who will plan ahead and buy Oreos in the broad daylight for the right price.

I also don't understand the comments about lines on which we offer a "members-only price." For example, our day-in, day-out prices for the two most popular styles of jeans are the best in the Square. Value, price and selection are reasons students should buy jeans at the coop.

Finally, our Insignia department has the widest selection, highest quality, and best prices in the Square. And, unlike J. August, the coop offers, and has for a year, a 15 percent discount to students, faculty and staff on Insginia ready-to-wear.

I would suggest that Mr. Altman visit the Coop and shop before writing his commentary. Obviously, Our focus on offering value and good pricing to students was not apparent to him. Jeremiah P. Murphy Jr.   President, The Coop