Summer School Students Arrive

Approximately 2,000 Harvard Summer School Students registered for Classes, picked up their room keys and moved into dorm rooms this weekend.

Overall, more than 5,000 students will take summer school classes, Susan E. McGee of the Registrar's Office said yesterday.

"I've just been here today [Sunday], but it's been unusually quiet," said Noreen E. Ryan, a staff member passing out keys. "Things are going really well."

Students said they were excited to be on campus for the summer, but were eager to buy fans to combat the heat.

"I'm doing a lot of walking, and I'm hunting down a fan," said H. Naomi Chi, who arrived Saturday.


"I've had some problems moving in," agreed Kay-Enno Pauls. "I couldn't rent a fan. I'm going to buy one."

Despite the humidity, Pauls said he is pleased with Harvard so far.

"I'm very happy to be here,' he said. "People are very kind here. I think it's very [well-organized."

Students were generally pleased with the rooms they were assigned.

"It's nice and it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be," said Ginny D. McGinty, a student from Texas. 'The size is really what surprised me."

"It's big [and] there's plenty of room," said Matthew K. Gearhart, who is staying in Weld. "The phones don't work, but [Harvard student Telephone] said they're working on it."

"I didn't know what to expect," Timothy N. Kitchen said. "It was whole lot nicer than most college dorms I've been in."

But others said their accommodations were a little cramped.

"It's a little squishy," Amanda H. Beck said. "It seems to vary a lot between housing facilities. I wish I had a private bathroom."

"[The rooms] don't have much in them--they are very sparse," said Paul San Sebastian, a student from Spain who hopes to study business or take an English course.

Many parents said they were pleased with Harvard, once they actually reached the campus.

"The traffic leaves something to be desired," said Bonnie F. McGinty Ginny'smother. "The parking is really tough everywhere."

And some, such as Shalini Srivastava '96, saidthey were looking forward to beginning theirclasses.

Srivastava, who said she is attending summerschool because she just changed her concentrationto French, is working for Phillip Brook's House aswell as attending classes this summer.

"I'm psyched because I don't know any modernlanguages besides English," she said