2. The Upset

April 15, 1995

The Brown heavyweight crew entered the water of the Charles that Saturday morning something just short of invincible. The Bears hadn't lost a dual race in three seasons and were the defending champions of the Eastern Sprints, National Championships and the Henley Regatta in England.

But the race conditions had a way of evening things out. To say the Charles River was choppy is an understatement; it was just plain nasty.

The crews blasted off the starting line, and Brown quickly jumped out to a six seat lead. The Crimson narrowed the gap and evened the race at the 700-meter mark.

Then the inconceivable happened.

Brown's Dave Fillipine "caught a crab," bouncing the flat part of his oar off the water and throwing the entire boat out of sync.


The Crimson capitalized. Harvard opened up a big lead and then coasted to an enormous 11-second victory over the nation's premier crew.

"It was fantastic," stroke Chris Dewing said. "It was the high point of my rowing career. It was one of those things you never expect to happen and then things start working out. It's just one of those things I'll always savor."