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By Todd F. Braunstein

The Radcliffe 35 the reunion class voted yesterday afternoon to withhold its class gift of $92,000 from Harvard to protest the dearth of tenured female faculty at the University, according to two members of the class.

The resolution passed at a meeting of the class at Hilles Library by a 36 to 11 vote.

The Class of 1960 requested that their class gift be held by Radcliffe in escrow because of "profound concern over the status of women faculty at Harvard" and the role of Radcliffe in abetting the situation, according to Frances O.Zimmerman '60.

"The Radcliffe Class of 1960 has decided 35 years is enough," according to a press release Zimmerman read to The Crimson yesterday.

The class also formed and ad hoc committee to examine the situation and make recommendations for the class to vote on.

"We've decided to start at home. the Harvard faculty has only 10.8 percent tenured women while a school like Dartmouth has 25 percent," Anne Constant Ewing '60,a committee member, said in the release. "Harvard's glacial progress is no longer tolerable."

Hope R. Haff '60, another committee member, said in an interview last night that the money given to Radcliffe programs would not aid women's education as much as granting tenure to more female professors.

"If one went and did research at the Bunting Institute," She said, "It would not be the doing research under a Harvard professor."

Zimmerman added, however, that the class was not sure if the money had already been given to Harvard.

"Most people involved think it may be too late; the money may already have been given over," she said.

The release ended by saying the group plans to contact and lobby other reunion groups to take simiar steps.

Spokespersons from both Harvard and Radcliffe said they had not heard about the decision from the Class of 1960. Radcliffe President Linda S. Wilson did not return a phone call last night.

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