$14K in Thefts Reported

More than $14,000 worth of computers, fax machines and other electronic equipment that had been secured in University buildings have been reported stolen since Monday, according to Harvard police Lieutenant Charles L. Schwab.

The first of six incidents may have occurred as early as July 3 or as recently as this Wednesday, but all six were reported to police just this week.

The lieutenant was unsure whether any of incidents in this series of crimes were related. Detectives working on solving the crimes could not be reached for comment.

One victim reported to Harvard police Wednesday that a gray Austin notebook computer valued at $5,000 was removed from the Biological Laboratories at some point between Tuesday 7 a.m. and midnight on Wednesday.

A law school professor also reported to the police Wednesday that a computer, a printer, and a fax machine, valued at $2,700, were removed from a secured Hauser Hall office while the professor was taking a sabbatical leave. The professor had left July 3 and returned to find the equipment missing Wednesday.


The Science Center has been the target of two of the recent thefts.

Over the weekend, a Sceptre Pentium computer, a Sony Walkman, and a Haynes Smart 2000 Computer, valued at $4,444, were stolen from a secured office.

During that time, another victim reported that an $800 Hewlett-Packard fax machine was also stolen from a secured office in the science center.

Both Science Center crimes were reported, by separate parties on Monday.

Also on Monday, an ALS Computer, Model 486 DX/33, was removed from the Holyoke Arcade at some point during the night. The computer isvalued at $1,600.

Schwab said that according to police policy, hecannot release any of the victim's names.

"We don't give [out] victim's names as a matterof policy," he said.

In an unrelated incident, an unnamed computercompany charged Wednesday that they have beenswindled out of a $3,000 shipment made to DunsterHouse roughly two weeks ago according to Schwab.

The company alleges that it sent the computerequipment in un-opened boxes. The boxes werereturned roughly two weeks later, but theequipment in side was not what the company hadoriginally delivered to the College dorm.

Schwab said he did not know who received theoriginal shipment.

More than $1,000 worth of construction toolswere stolen from a Huntington Ave. site, Schwabsaid.

The company said that between Tuesday at 7 p.m.and 7 a.m. the next morning, a blow torch was usedto cut open the workers' gang box.

The gang box, a large metal box where tools arestored, was secured with a padlock, according toSchwab