Dunster Murder-Suicide Remembered

Some House Residents Apprehensive; Dean Sends Letter About Facts, Advising

When Tadesse was removed from the house on a stretcher, one junior said, "They carried her away with a respirator over her mouth. It was very strange seeing that. I just can't quite appreciate what that means. I can't believe it."

The week after the deaths, members of the African Students Association, Harvard Vietnamese Association and Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III spoke at a campus-wide discussion about the incident.

The day after the murder-suicide, University Health Services tripled the number of psychiatric staff normally available to talk with students.

Although nothing has been added to Harvard's advising system as a result of the murder-suicide, Lewis said he wants all students to know what outlets are available to them.

The murder-suicide marked the third and fourth deaths of Dunster House residents end affiliates in the 1995-96 academic year.


Former Dunster resident Kathryn L. Tucker '94 committed suicide in April after a long struggle with depression, and Dunster resident Anagar Hansen '97 killed himself one week later.

According to Harvard administrators and police, the murder-suicide was by far the most violent crime involving a Harvard College student on campus in at least two decades.

Michael M. Luo contributed to this report.