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This month has balls--two of them, in fact. On October 8, the Undergraduate Council brings you a gala ball in the Tercentenary Theater; on October 29, CityStep presents its annual ball at The Charles Hotel.

As the gala ball grows near, College rules appear to be bending. Why, look at all those posters in the Yard, on lampposts and tree trunks--explicitly outlawed by University Hall! And what about the council's tabling in front of Cabot Library inside the Science Center?

Well, we at Dartboard would love to take advantage of these methods to publicize The Crimson's editorial comp. We called the Science Center Director's Office to find out if we, too, could table right outside Cabot's doors. Assistant to the Director of the Science Center Jane Vera had a shocking revelation! "The Undergraduate Council had been told to leave because they were not there with anyone's permission," she said. Those rogues!

Suspecting more dirty tactics, we asked Michelle Hewitt from the Dean of Students' office about those posters. "They shouldn't be there," she said, and she faxed us the postering policy from the Handbook for Student Organizations. It reads, "Do NOT place posters on entry posts, gates, poles, trees, sidewalks, and so on." Here was the model student organization, breaking the rules!

Does innocent, charitable CityStep have a chance against these rascals? They've just started advertising, even though they have several points in their favor: a) their ball is at a posh hotel, b) it's indoors and c) they're not subsidizing the Lester Lanin Orchestra's continuing existence.


Does CityStep object to the council's tricks? "I guess they're entitled to do what they want," said Sasignat Limpa-Amara, the ball's coordinator. We at Dartboard don't think so. If we can't post on trees and table in the Science Center, nobody can!