Seniors Begin Race For Marshal Positions

Eighty-eight members of the Class of '96 are running for class marshal of Harvard and Radcliffe, according to a list provided by the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA).

Four men and four women will eventually be chosen to serve in the lifetime positions, whose primary responsibility is organizing class reunions.

The marshals are also responsible for leading their houses in the Commencement procession, choosing Class Day speakers, picking Ames Award recipients and selecting the class memorabilia, according to HAA intern Helen F. Kao '96.

The committee received applications from 53 women and 35 men, one fewer than last year.

HAA, which oversees the selection process, will conduct two rounds of class-wide voting to narrow the field.

Those running for the post said it will offer an opportunity to maintain close ties to the school they love for the rest of their lives.

"It was a chance to be one of the leaders of my class and stay in touch with my class after graduation," said Jeffrey I. Zaref '96, a history and science concentrator who has applied for the position.

Steven A. Raizes '96, a sociology concentrator, said, "I've always just loved the school, Harvard. I never really want to leave."

The candidates for Radcliffe class marshal were equally enthusiastic about the chance to serve their alma mater.

Erica S. Cheng '96, chair of Quincy House Committee, said, "I've always been very involved at Harvard, and I want to continue doing so."

Cynthia D. Johnson '96, former secretary of the Undergraduate Council, said. "The position of galvanizing and maintaining class spirit is important. It's our last year here, and I want it to be a good one."

Each applicant submitted a resume, a list of groups he or she was involved with at Harvard, a petition with 25 signatures and a black-and-white photograph.

Seniors will have the chance to narrow down the field to eight men and eight women in elections held in the houses between October 3 and 6.

In a second round of voting, seniors will vote for first, second, third and fourth class marshals of both genders. That second round will be held a week after the first round.

After the selection of the Harvard and Radcliffe class marshals, elections will take place in each house for a house representative. Unsuccessful marshal candidates are automatically entered into the race for class representative, along with anyone else who signs up through HAA.

Applicants said they heard about the positions from past marshals and from school publicity, and saw this as an opportunity to become involved in the planning of their final year at Harvard.

The candidates for Radcliffe class marshal are Christiana M. Andemicael, Monica E. Antezana, Sabine F. Balzora, Lynda O. Bermuda, Anurima Bhargava, Elizabeth M. Bucar, Natalee S. Campbell, Lisa M. Castaneda, Chloe M. Chao, Erica S. Cheng, Caroline J. Choi, Vanessa E. Coke, Jennifer R. Dean, Alexandra E. Delaney, Elizabeth A. Downes, Nadeige S. Genece, Pratima Gupta, Anne M. Heavey, Candace M. Hom, Cynthia D. Johnson, Jennifer C. Jose, Deb L. Kozloff, Maren Lau, Reena R. Lawande, Susar, S. Lee, Sylvia S. Lee, Melissa G. Liazos, Kate M. Mansfield, Ana Markovic, Rotonya S. McCants, Jennifer L. Miksis, Margery I. Miller, Christine A. Murtha, Harvetta E. Nero, Teresa Y. Ou, Neelima Pania, Miwa M. Powell, Olivia A. Radin, Kate L. Roiter, Patricia W. Seo, Lamonica Shelton, Farah Stockman, Storm Taliaferrow, Abim Thomas, Valencia D. Thomas, Lindsay H. Tomenson, Virginia J. Triant, Amy M. Tully, Sarah E. Tuttleton and Elizabeth A. Zimmerman.

The seniors running for Harvard class marshal are Jonathan P. Barnes, James E. Black, David V. Bonfili, St. John Grenfell Bowron, Paul D. Cabana, Peter S. Cahn, Jason F. Carlow, Phil Cartegena Jr., Mark P. Connolly, Andrew Cummings, Michael G. Douglas, Dean A. Fanikos, A.J. Figliolini, Kareem D. Ghalib, Rohan Hazelton, Chip Hellar, Kitt N. Hirasaki, Michael J. Hrnicek, Bert I. Huang, Clete D. Johnson, Stephen M. Kezirian, Patrick C. McCulloch, John C. Mitchell, Michael S. Ponder, Steven A. Raizes, Patrick J. Ramsey, Michael M. Sampson, Brian D. Saunders, Kurt R. Schliemann, Evan M. Schwartzfarb, Sanjay Shetty, Eli S. Silberweig, Nick E. Tarlov, Roger Walcott, Zeeshan Zaidi and Jeffrey Zaref