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Staff's Sour Grapes


By David W. Brown

The staff's position is uninformed as well as ludicrous. The staff is wholly ignorant of the nature of the clubs. For example, the staff mentions that women must enter some clubs through side doors, but are unaware that these clubs have separate entrances for members and non-members, regardless of whether these guest are male or female. The staff's characterization of the clubs as simply areas where students pass through on weekends proves that they know little of the actual activities and traditions of the clubs. Furthermore, the staff apparently feels comfortable insinuating that misconduct occurs within the clubs without any evidence to support this contention.

The staff's assertion that final clubs compete with the houses to the detriment of College social life is also ridiculous. Why should social life be limited to the houses? The influence of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs of Cambridge and Boston which draw students away from the houses should then also be reduced, if you follow the staff's silly logic. And no one is being dragged to a final club at gunpoint; if you disapprove of them, you don't have to spend time in them.

Much to the staff's chagrin, final clubs won't wither away any time soon. The staff's position in just a manifestation of the sour grapes gnashing between the bitter teeth of those who aren't invited to the clubs.

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