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Another day, another dirty trick-or so seems to be the life story of Peninsula's Brian E. Malone '96 after an attempt at expelling Harvard Republican Club Executive Board member Chuck Truesdell '99. ("Republican Club Executive Threatened With Expulsion," News Story, March 14, 1996) And it is only fitting after his history of bigotry that Mr. Malone should take aim at Mr. Truesdell. Indeed, the stories of these two men in the political arena at Harvard could not be any more different.

For nearly four years, Brian Malone and his cronies at Peninsula have engaged in several dirty-tricks campaigns against Republicans who do not toe their line on every issue. In his dealings and behavior, Mr. Malone has been nothing but sneaky, underhanded and cowardly.

On the other hand, Chuck Truesdell has shown incredible courage in the short time that he has been at Harvard. Shortly after having been elected to the Republican Club's Board, he revealed his bisexuality to his colleagues--despite knowing the intolerant records of some such as Brian Malone. And Chuck has continued to fight for what he believes to right.

Unfortunately, Chuck's sexuality played no small part in Brian Malone's decision to attempt to expel him. In fact, several members of the Republican Club Executive Board have approached the Alliance on many different occasions regarding any sort of future reunification of Republican groups on this campus--Chuck was not alone in his desires for a dialogue with the Alliance. Moreover, Chuck violated no part of the Republican Club constitution in his conversations with me and other Alliance members. However, Chuck, the only openly homosexual member of the Republican Club, was singled out by Brian Malone for expulsion. As for Mr. Malone's motives, we can only guess, but we would not be surprised to find even more dirty and sinister aspects of Mr. Malone's beliefs behind them. This was, yet again, the latest in a series of desperate acts by a desperate man.

We at the Alliance feel that the treatment shown Mr. Truesdell is an outrage and we would like to offer Mr. Truesdell a non-voting position on our Executive Board. Indeed, we feel that if anybody ought to be apologizing for his behavior, it is not Chuck Truesdell but Brian Malone. In the Alliance, Chuck Truesdell can speak as freely and as openly as he likes-without fear of reprimand from others or possible expulsion.

The Alliance will continue to pursue its goals and welcomes any people seeking a dialogue with it. We turn no one away and seek an inclusion of all.

Brian Malone's despicable actions show why the Alliance can not join any other campus organizations and why it must continue to exist independently.

Once again, we have been proven right-the only inclusive, tolerant and open Republican group on this campus is the Harvard-Radcliffe Republican Alliance. For that, we have Brian Malone to thank. --William Zerhouni '98   President   Harvard-Radcliffe Republican Alliance

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