The Crimson Ignored Rally For Tibet


Should The Crimson repeatedly print a story about an attempted rape while completely ignoring the systematic rape of a country?

In addition to the rally in favor of immigration, there was a large demonstration March 11 held by the Harvard-Radcliffe Tibet Awareness Group and the Boston Tibetan Association.

The event spanned the whole afternoon. About 20 people spoke and read from the first-hand testimony of Tibetans tortured in Chinese prisons. Fifteen local Tibetans chanted. A statement by the Dalai Lama composed especially for the occasion (the 37th anniversary of the March 10, 1959 uprising) was read. Several Tibetan monks spoke, as did the ex-president of the Tibetan Youth Congress. We collected over 400 signatures on petitions.

We were videotaped. There were at least five photographers. I am sure The Crimson staff did not miss noticing the demonstration, especially since we had called The Crimson the night before. Yet no mention of the rally appeared in The Crimson. Is it possible that, like the international media, you are afraid to be associated with the issue of Tibet?

It is not for our own egos that we wish to have your coverage. It is rather that we fear for the fate of Tibet; we worry for the safety of Ngawang Choephel, missing since the summer, but recently seen in Nyari prison by a fellow prisoner who had been repeatedly beaten and tortured. We fear for the six-year-old Panchen Lama (probably the world's youngest political prisoner) and his family, who all "disappeared" over a month ago.


The time for tolerance of China's aggression and hope for the PRC's goodwill is long past. As China intimidates Taiwan and Hong Kong, we can ill afford to ignore the issue.

Please remember, by printing this letter, the 1.2 million Tibetans (one out of six) killed during China's occupation. -Karin L. Riley   Co-founder   Harvard-Radcliffe Tibet Awareness Group

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