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One of the reasons that Harvard is such an interesting place is the plethora of active, vocal student groups on campus. The wide range of student organizations helps undergraduates to appreciate the diversity of their peers. However, one student group persistently avoids becoming visible and influential--the Harvard chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

So far, Harvard's Klan members have limited their activities to scrawling graffiti in Mather House. This is certainly an ineffective way to promote their agenda. It also prevents other students from learning much about the KKK. Writing the word "nigger" on a wall really doesn't teach most students about such a grand American institution as the Klan.

It is easy to assume that Harvard's Klan members are simply cowards, afraid to do more than write graffiti in secret. But since Harvard is such a liberal establishment, coming out as a member of the KKK is a daunting challenge. Most students would probably jeer their classmates if they saw them rushing through the Yard in spotless white sheets and pointy hoods. If the Klan held cross burnings in the Quad, such activities would undoubtedly be misunderstood and ridiculed.

Yet, although it will not be easy, Harvard's KKK has much work to do. The houses and dining halls have become completely integrated. There are no separate water fountains or bathrooms for colored students. Black students can even sit at the front of the shuttle bus. And of the students accepted for Harvard's class of 2000, 9.4 percent are black.

Harvard's Klan can help reverse these pernicious affirmative action policies and return Harvard to its glorious heyday, when it was the proud domain of white men. The Harvard KKK's plan to eventually relocate all black students to universities in Africa is sure to win widespread support.

Harvard's KKK is sure to find support from their natural allies among conservative and right-wing students. It will not be too hard to persuade some of them to switch from promoting covert prejudice to endorsing overt racism. For example, fans of The Bell Curve are potential converts. Although it will be a bitter struggle, Harvard's Ku Klux Klan must organize.

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