New Irish Pub to Open

Bar Takes One Potato, Two Potato Location

In early September a "contemporary Irish pub and grille" named Grafton Street will fill the space left vacant when the Mass. Ave. restaurant One Potato, Two Potato closed this June.

The new restaurant will serve a variety of foods, according to Patrick M. Lee, a partner in the venture.

"It's gonna be some traditional Irish dishes as well as some contemporary American dishes," said Lee, who is co-owner of the Irish Village, a pub on Market Street in Brighton. "It's going to have a bit of everything: seafood, pasta, steak."

Lee said the restaurant, which will be located on Mass. Ave. between Plympton and Linden Streets, will have a liquor license, as did its predecessor.

"What we hope to do is, basically it's going to be a full scale restaurant serving lunch and dinner, dinner very late," said Lee. "And then, somewhere from 10 or 11 to one, have a somewhat sitting-down but also standing pub scene."


Lee said the Square offers significant attractions for restaurants.

"It's a great area, you know. Jesus, a lot of different reasons: different people, keeps things fresh, alive, the University."

Lee said the new restaurant is named for a street in Dublin that is "synonymous with Harvard Square."

He said he hoped his restaurant would fit in with the Square's eclectic nature.

"I think basically, hopefully, we're going to appeal to everyone," Lee said. "There's going to be a little bit there for everyone."

One Potato, Two Potato closed because of high rent costs and "differences with the landlord," the owners told The Crimson this spring.

The restaurant enjoyed visits from notables such as Henry A. Kissinger '50, members of the Kennedy family, Adlai Stevenson, the Rockefellers and the prime minister of Egypt.

Charles and John Chaprales, the two brothers who owned One Potato, Two Potato for nearly half a century, recently opened Dino's Sea Grille on the corner of Arsenal and Coolidge Streets in Watertown

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