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As a security professional, the latest news that security guard Richard Jewell is the prime suspect in the bombing of the Olympics breaks my heart. I lived in Atlanta and Savannah for more than 10 years, prior to moving here.

My first thought when the bombing occurred and I heard about the locally-made 911 call was that it was a Georgian. No professional terrorist would utilize that number or a local pay phone.

Plus, this person warned people well in advance. As one would suspect, this person may have had a hero complex, but was angry. They were looking for that short-cut break in life. Either with a group of professionals a hero.

I ruled out the fore for the latter. It now seems possible that Jewell, looking for a short-cut in life, wanting some attention so as to make up for what he felt slighted for in life, plotted this whole tragic scenario.

What could have happened is the following: he bought the materials, made the bombs, used his bag that most relatives recognized as very possibly his when questioned by the authorities.

The plan could have called for him to put the bomb down activated, as an inactive bomb wouldn't be good enough here. Not in this plan; Jewell was going for the key to the city of Hotlanta! Maybe Governor Zell had a spot for him on his state house forces?

The plan could have called for him to phone it in to 911, and wait for that dispatcher to pass it onto the Atlanta Police Department, and they would pass it on to Olympic security who would put out an advisory to all security via the radio. Unfortunately...that call never came. By blind bad fortune, if this plan is correct, this one time glitch happened when the call was not passed on as he calculated.

Had it gone according to this plan, Jewell could have mulled around Centennial Olympic Park, making his way back from those pay phones to his previously-abandoned post in front of the sound tower. Then, maybe five minutes later, with room to spare according to his calculations (if this was the scenario), he would suddenly find his planted bomb, notify the authorities, who would secure it away as he helped clear the masses. It would be safely detonated as he would be hailed a hero who saved the lives of hundreds!

By noon, the nightfall of that same day, Guard Jewell would be given he key to the city. The president would invite him to the White House. Every media outlet would hail him, as would leaders and people worldwide. He had saved the world!!!

Instead, if this scenario is true, when that 911 call wasn't coming, he panicked and sent the other gents ahead to check his bomb, while he would stay behind, a soon-to-be murderer, a terrorist; he fooled a lot of us, but not those that we count on.

Bum!! --Andrew James Kluttz   Security Division,   Harvard Police Department

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