Peabody Assailant Remains at Large

One week after a homeless man was assaulted with a brick near Peabody Terrace, his assailant remains unknown, according to the Cambridge Police Department.

Detective Ann DiMascio said investigators have been unable to confirm initial reports that the assailant was a tall, blond, white male with a ring in his nose.

Cambridge Police investigator John McSweeney added that the police have not been able to locate the victim, Ronald Clark, who had cited a public shelter as his address.

For the investigation to proceed, according to McSweeney, the victim needs to come forward with a description of his assailant. "We're at an impasse because we have nothing to work with," he said.

The assault occurred on September 12 at 11:15 p.m. at Corporal McTiernan Park, between Peabody Terrace and Mather House. According to the Cambridge police, the assault was the culmination of a dispute between the victim and his assailant.

Sergeant Frank Pasquarello of the Cambridge Police Department said he believes there is no connection between last Friday's assault and the rape that occurred earlier last week in the same neighborhood, due to the differing natures of the crimes.

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