Bunting Institute Announces Fellows for '96-'97

The Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College has invited 37 scholars--poets, mathematicians, econo-mists and composers--to participate in the 35th year of its fellowship program.

The fellows will spend a year at Radcliffe developing research projects on a variety of different topics, from an examination of water as a metaphor for social change to an exploration of the three-dimenisional world of proteins.

"Interaction with the Bunting Institute fellows, an outstanding group of women, offers students unparalleled opportunities to enrich their college years," said Florence C. Ladd, director of the Institute.

Founded in 1961 by a former Radcliffe president to promote and provide a supportive environment for women's scholarship, the Institute, which one fellow called "a think tank for women," has sponsored the work of 1,200 women scholars since its inception.

After 15 years working to clean up the Ganges River in India, Fran Peavey said she looks forward to meeting "a cadre of interesting women to think and study with."


"I am honored to stand in a 35-year tradition," Peavey said. "I am hopeful that history will inspire me."

Caroline M. Hoxby '88, assistant professor of economics and a Bunting fellow, said the Institute provides a "superlative atmosphere in an intellectually stimulating place."

"It's very important for junior faculty members to have time both to do research and use Havard's resources," she said.

Many of the fellows said they were excited to be a part of the Bunting's community of scholars.

"I look forward to interactions with the other scholars," said Sean M. Burgess, a fellow and a post-doctoral fellow in molecular and cellular biology at the University. "I feel that the nature of the Institute is very interdisciplinary."

After visiting UNICEF projects in Romania, Costa Rica, South Africa, Brazil and Barbados, Mary Carlson is also anticipating "a dialogue that lasts a year."

The list of this year's fellows also includes computer scientist Margo I. Seltzer '83' geologist Allison M. Mac-Farlance, Sculptor Elizabeth King and composer Shih-Hui Chen.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of the fellows program, former fellows including Gloria Steinem and Anna Quindlen are planning a September 30 reception in New York City, followed in May by a reunion of past fellows at Radcliffe.

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