Keep Cabot Library Open 24-7

Kudos to Nancy M. Cline, Larsen libararian of Harvard College, and Lynne M. Schmelz, librarian of Cabot Science Library, for listening to the students and creating a plan for a 24-hour library. The extra time to study in a quiet space is appreciated by students, who are currently stressing under the weight of innumerable final papers and exams. Opening Cabot full-time allows students optimum flexibility in planning their periods of study.

Hopefully the part-time full-time library will serve as an entering wedge in the opening of Cabot 24-7 for the entire academic year. Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68 also deserves credit for allocating the necessary money for complementary late night shuttles. Schmelz has said that no plans currently exist to extend the hours into the spring semester, but that if the wee hours of the night prove popular with students during reading period, she will look into the possibility of an extension.

The 24-hour library should become a permanent feature of College life. It has been one of the foremost rallying points of students on this campus over the past few years and has come to a head only recently with a push from this paper as well as the newly democratized Undergraduate Council. Finally, Dean Lewis et al. have recognized that the demands of work imposed by the College require a 24-hour work and study space. No longer will we tolerate arguments that nighttime studying is unhealthful or that we ought to plan our lives more efficiently to be able to work during the day, for the administration has admitted to 24-hour feasibility. In addition, having Cabot open 24 hours will help to provide extra customers for the insolvent Loker Commons.

In order for Cabot to open 24-7, it needs an injection of funds from the College administration. The 24-hour library should be a College priority--not just a helpful library initiative. Dean Lewis should follow through on his recent decision and push Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles to allocate the funding necessary to open Cabot as a full-time library.


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