An Uncanny Resemblance To the Star of 'E.R'.

Reporter's Notebook

Hungry "E.R." fans who venture to Tommy's House of Pizza after watching their favorite television show may experience a bit of deal vu.

Mike McHale, often seen throwing pizza dough into the air behind the counter of the legendary Harvard eatery, bears a striking resemblance to the actor Anthony Edwards, who pays Dr. Mark Greene in the popular NBC television series about a hospital emergency room. "E.R." ranked first in the Nelson prime-time ratings in the week of Jan. 13.

McHale, who has owned the Mount Auburn Street pizzeria since 1994, says that people tell him he looks like the actor at least three times a week.

"I tell people that 'E.R.' doesn't pay that well and i need to supplement my income," McHale says. "That's why I make pizza."

McHale says all of the Anthony Edwards comments began about a year ago when a customer came in one Thursday night-after watching "E.R."-and asked him "Why do you look so familiar?"


Like so many customers to follow, she then made the observation that the blading and bespectacled McHale, 29, bears a remarkable likeness to Edwards, 35.

Edwards has appeared in the films "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," "Top Gun," "Revenge of the Nerds" and "The Client."

He also played a hyperallergic lawyer for ten episodes of the television series "Northern Exposure."

"It's been fun," McHale says of the stream of comparisons. "It's very amusing."

Sometimes when people tell him that he looks like Edwards, he jokingly responds, "Yeah-the old, bald guy from 'E.R.'"

McHale says that any resemblance to Edwards is unintentional.

In fact, he says he has never seen the show because he is too busy working 75 hours a week.

He has only learned that the name of the character Edwards plays is Dr. Greene from customers who watch the show.

McHale says it is fun looking like a celebrity, especially when he hears customers whispering in the corner about his uncanny resemblance to Edwards.

When Edwards appeared on "The Late" Show with David Letterman" a friend jokingly called McHale to tell him he'd seen him on the show.