Mourners Pay Respect To Jeffrey Curley

Thousands of mourners wearing yellow and brown ribbons paid their respects yesterday to the family of murder-kidnapping victim Jeffrey Curley of Cambridge, whose body was discovered in a Maine river on Monday.

With crowds of nearly 8,000 people expected, at least 20 police officers were on hand to manage traffic and secure proceedings at yesterday's visitation services, held at the Long Funeral Home at 1979 Mass. Ave.

Prosecutors in the case contend that two men, 21-year-old Salvatore Sicari and 22-year-old Charles Jaynes, kidnapped Curley from his grandmother's East Cambridge home last Wednesday and then murdered him, dumping his body in the Piscataqua River near the New Hampshire-Maine border.

Those who came to say good-bye and express condolences to Jeffrey's family waited in a line extending half a city block to enter the funeral home.

Police, anticipating the large turn-out, blocked off adjacent Beech Street. The street will remain closed to traffic through Saturday in order to accommodate mourners.


Robert and Barbara Curley, accompanied by Jeffrey's older brothers Sean and Bobby, greeted tearful guests by their son's coffin.

According to David O'Connor, a friend of the Curley family, yellow and brown, the colors of the ribbons, appear on the jerseys of one of Jeffrey's favorite sports teams.

The ribbons were made by the Curleys' neighbors and are designed to promote awareness of the tragic circumstances surrounding the boy's death, O'Connor said.

Visitors from all walks of life mingled in line as they awaited their turn to enter the funeral home. Jeffrey's young friends and relatives, associates of the Curleys and city officials--including Cambridge City Councillor Anthony D. Galluccio--attended the visitation yesterday.

The tragedy has "affected the whole community," said Lieutenant Steve A. Williams of the Cambridge Police Department. "There isn't a segment of Cambridge that has not been touched by this."

Many community members attending the visitation said they are enraged by the discovery of a pamphlet of the North American Man-Boy Love Association in the Cadillac belonging to one of the sus- pected kidnappers.

In response to Jeffrey's death, petitions advocating harsher punishments for sexual offenders and pornography peddlers have been circulated in the Cambridge area.

Signatures are also being amassed in favor of the death penalty for Jeffrey's murderers.

"This is just about the worst thing that's ever happened in this town," said Van Callendar, a neighborhood friend of the Curleys.

Jeffrey's body will continue to lie in an open casket on display at the funeral home today.

Funeral services are to be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Sacred Heart Church on Thorndike Street in Cambridge