Spook City

Where to find the haunted havens around town

So you haven't seen any ghouls, goblins or the walking dead around campus yet. It's Halloween. You don't have a costume. You don't know what to do. You're afraid that you won't be, well, afraid.

Don't panic. All the chills, thrills and good clean pagan fun await you yet. But despite what you may have thought 10 years ago (wearing your Star Wars Storm Trooper costume and eager for candy) the monsters won't come get you tonight.

You're all grown up now, and if you want to be scared, then you've got to go out and get scared yourself.

Well, the mad scientists at The Crimson have done some detective work and come up with more than a few "spooktacular" suggestions (since every other publication or advertisement is using this word, it would only be fit for us to as well).

The following is a list of the scariest and most bizarre activities on and off campus rated on a one to five (five being the scariest) "Fried Nose Ring" scale (in honor of the dish served at Harvard Dining Service's "spooktacular" Halloween meal--no doubt, the scariest way you'll be spending your evening).


In and Around the Square

Harvard might not be the scariest place around, but Halloween spirit surrounds the campus, from tutor trick or treating to prefect pumpkin carving to Quincy costume contests.

And if you look carefully today, you might see the Dalai Lama, members of the Spice Girls or even Austin Powers parading around the Square.

But where do you go for the real scares?

* Adams House Masquerade (Adams House Dining Hall, Saturday Nov 1, 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., Free)

Traditionally, students say, the masquerade involves themes that range from S&M to S&M.

"Two years ago, we had whipping and all sorts of fun things like that," says resident Patricia Boylance '98.

"Whatever the theme is, it's sure to be provocative and entertaining and slightly risque," she adds.

House committee chair Sean R. Peirce '98 hinted that this year, however, the theme will be a "'60s Andy Warhol kind of thing."

Three Fried Nose Rings (for the S&M).

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