Crimson Insensitive


When reading The Crimson's article on the ART-Moscow Theatre School joint training program (Nov. 13), I found the name of Russian theatre director and actor Constantine Stanislavsky twice misspelled, each time a different spelling.

While The Crimson is normally a respectable publication and usually sensitive to minority issues, I feel that in this circumstance the gross negligence of assuming that spelling a Slavic name incorrectly is not important is offensive not only to all students of Slavic extraction, but also to those of us who feel that all cultures are important.

In light of what seems a rather heavy-handed and universal anti-Slavic discriminatory tendency pervading American society today, I feel that The Crimson ought to take special care not to exacerbate the situation with such blatant inattention to detail.

I hope that in the future, The Crimson will be more sensitive to minority issues such as this one. --Dan J. Epstein '99


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