Adams Dance Is Shut Down

Disappointed students said they understood how fire laws might have made it necessary for the police to clear out the dining hall.

However, they voiced disapproval of the tactics the police officers used.

McClean said police were having trouble dispersing the crowd until "a police car turned its siren on, sped toward a group [of girls] and then slammed on the brakes right in front of them."

McClean, who was standing two yards away, said he thought the incident "was really uncalled for."

"It wasn't fun to have the party broken up, but they were just doing their jobs," he said. "But I thought this was a little too far. When they slam on the acceleration and simulate that they're going to hit someone, I don't think that's right."


HUPD spokesperson Peggy A. McNamara could not be reached for comment last night. The police report of the incident also was not available last night.

"They were pretty rude about getting everyone out of the way," said Matthew M. Foroughi '99. "They could have handled it better."

Abrams said the police also shut down the A-entryway parties when they shut down the Masquerade.

"I asked tutors and Cambridge police officers, and they kind of said everything had been shut down," Abrams said