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Asian American Assoc. Political Priorities



The Asian American Association (AAA) as a policy does not endorse individual candidates. Instead, we choose to highlight specific issues relevant to the Harvard Asian-American community. Since the Harvard Asian-American community is so politically diverse, we do not claim that this platform speaks for all Asian American students at Harvard.

* Faculty diversity: Of the 426 senior Faculty in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 22 are of Asian descent. Since the diversification of Faculty will broaden the experiences brought to the Harvard classroom and enhance undergraduate education, we urge the council to take an active role in pursuing faculty diversity in Harvard's hiring practices.

* Comparative race and ethnic studies: Harvard remains one of the only Ivy League institutions yet to develop a coherent program for the study of race and ethnicity.

* Student group funding: While Harvard boasts the largest university endowment in history and is undertaking the largest university fundraising campaign in the country, its funds for student groups remain among the smallest in the Ivy League.

* Student group center: All student groups need designated space within a centralized location to increase their effectiveness and engender inter-group collaboration.

We hope that all these factors will be taken into consideration in your choice for next year's leaders of the Undergraduate Council. --AAA Steering Committee

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