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Perspective, Harvard-Radcliffe's Liberal Monthly, is endorsing Kamil E. Redmond '00 for Undergraduate Council vice president and recommending a ranking of Jobe G. Danganan '99 and Benjamin W. Hulse '99 in either order as students' No. 1 and No. 2 votes for council president.

The major question in this election is whether the council will continue to devote any of its efforts to so-called "political" issues. Our answer is a resounding "yes." It is a myth that none of the student body cares about these issues. Last Wednesday, in a campus-wide ballot with a much higher turnout than any recent council vote, 46.5 percent of those voting made a stand on an expressly political issue--grapes.

Second, the "anti-political" candidates for the council are not just attempting to ban national politics from the council; among the more campus-oriented "political" issues they would choose to ignore are Faculty diversity, gay rights and a multicultural student center. Yet these issues do have a direct impact on student life. Finally, and most importantly, an agenda with political planks does not preclude the achievement of other important "non-political" student-service goals.

What is important is that we select a candidate who is committed, experienced and capable of both immediate student-service needs and broader "political" concerns. Redmond clearly meets those criteria far better than any other vice-presidential candidate. Among the presidential candidates, both Hulse and Danganan have vast council experience coupled with a commitment to such concerns. --The Perspective Editorial Board

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