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Here is a sampling of bumper stickers spotted by Dartboard on the fine automobiles traveling Harvard's narrow thoroughfares this past semester:

"Part-time workers, part-time benefits."

"I enjoy the new Samuel Adams' Derek Bok."

"Vote for political reform. Vote for more shuttles. Vote for greater safety. Vote because it doesn't make a goddamn difference."

"I got kicked out of Harvard-owned housing because I didn't pay my rent."

"If I went down as much as my Internet connection, I'd be having more fun."

"Make chicken parm, not war."

"It's 3:00 a.m. We're up, so is FM."

"Taxi drivers of Cambridge, unite. You have nothing to lose but your exorbitant fares."

"Love Nietzsche, Love Loker."

"Deal drugs. Be white. Get off easy."

"Heil Peninsula."

"Coop me up in Cabot."

"Back from Washington."

"Off to Brandies."

"OCS: Office of Consulting Studies."

"If this shuttle is on time, please don't faint."

"Workers for Weld."

"Yale lost."