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News Analysis

By Alexandra S. Morrison

Students may have found a solution to Loker's financial strife.

Last night, students expressed overwhelming support for the idea of introducing a McDonald's to Loker Commons.

"I think a McDonald's in Loker would definitely work," said Sara D. Reistad-Long '00. "It's a good idea because, although we have all kinds of speciality foods in the square, there are no standard all-American affordable chains. A lot of people miss McDonald's."

Deidrie A. O'Dwyer '00 said McDonald's at other schools have been successful.

"They have McDonald's at the George Sherman Student Union at B.U. and apparently it works really well," she said.

Many students complained about the poor selection and high cost of the food currently being sold in Loker.

"Hell, if they can charge $4.95 for a mediocre steak burrito, I need a quarter-pounder," said Alex E. Potente, a third year law student.

Potente said he thought brand name fast food, such as McDonald's, would attract even more Law school students to Loker.

Aziza J. Johnson '00 said she is frustrated with both the lack of variety of food and the short hours of operation at Loker.

"I think that McDonald's in Loker is a good idea," she said. "I'm not fond of the pizzas, and the Mexican place is closed most of the time. The current food is not top quality so McDonald's would definitely be preferable."

Michal Bortnik '00 said he would go to Loker more often if there was a McDonald's. "I was really disappointed when I got here and realized there wasn't one around," he said.

According to Loker Consultant Kathleen Kouril '82, Harvard Dining Services (HDS) is currently working on ways to introduce fast food to Loker.

However, Kouril said Loker currently lacks the space and equipment to bring in a fast food restaurant. She said the kitchen space would have to be renovated in order to be able to make fries.

"It's a risk the Dining Services should take," Reistad-Long said.

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