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By Talia Milgrom-elcott

We at Dartboard finished two midterms. a column and a host of interviews the other day and decided to reward herself with a flip through some magazines.

Invariably, the horoscope page was open (who can resist those augurs of the future?). The introduction piqued my Marxist curiosity and seemed strangely timely, so--with a little extension to make it Harvard appropriate--Dartboard thought it was worth sharing:

If you are one of those leisure-class types (read second semester seniors without theses or blissful first-years without responsibilities) and have spent your days lolling around eating grapes, you're probably beginning to envy the busy, (over-)productive lifestyles of the proletariat (that's us hard-working types). If, however, you work (i.e. study) for a living, you must be fantasizing about how you could pull off that couch/grape thing (aah--spring break!). No matter how diligent a little beaver you are, with the Moon's nodes crossing the Pisces-Virgo axis, you're sure to be plotting moments of escape from drudgery (thank goodness for study breaks and the phone). But in the end, work will turn out to be your salvation (midterms after break). Drat (and have a good break.)

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