President's Search for Provost Begins

UCLA Gives Home

LOS ANGELES--In late June, Provost Albert Carnesale will move from his apartment in the residences at the Charles Hotel to a 10,600 square-foot Mediterranean-style villa surrounded by seven landscaped acres on the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) campus.

The house is presently undergoing more than $300,000 of repairs after it was damaged by an earth-quake and a fire. The house will be staffed by UCLA employees, whose specific duties will be worked out when Carnesale arrives this summer.

Though Carnesale will take a pay cut of approximately $30,000 per year-making $222,700 a year as Chancellor of UCLA as opposed to his $252,788 salary as University Provost-he will also receive housing and an allowance of about $8,000 a year to lease a luxury car.

President Richard C. Atkinson also gives each chancellor in the University of California system an administrative fund to cover business expenses not normally reimbursed by the University, including first-class travel, alcohol purchases and possibly country club member-ships.

According to the President's office in Oakland, Carnesale will ,also receive vacation, sick leave and a retirement plan, plus life and comprehensive medical insurance valued at about $14,000 per year.

Often, chancellors will also be asked to serve on boards of directors, positions which come with their own perks. UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young presently serves on the board of Intel and Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management