Everybody needs some money sometime.

But for those who manage the bank-book of a student organization, lots of money is needed all the time.

Between photocopying flyers, funding events and paying for food, financing a student organization can be a huge task.

Eric S. Olney '98, president of the Harvard-Radcliffe College Democrats (HRCD), says that the little things--miscellaneous expenses like copies--can add up.

"You'd be surprised how often we poster, and how much that costs," Olney says.


Fortunately, for student groups in search of cash to fund isolated expenses and special events, there are several outlets to turn to for much needed cash.

Where to Make the Dough

Established organizations like HRCD have been creative in fundraising.

Although HRCD asks students to contribute an annual membership fee, the organization decided to combine these dues with the selling of Clinton/Gore t-shirts during the campaign. Students who bought the $10 shirts were automatically granted membership into the group.

Through this endeavor, HRCD not only raised a significant amount of money but they also increased their membership from 50 to 200 students.

Taking advantage of a special event like an election is a promising way of raising funds, but other special days work as well.

The Boston Youth Refugee Enrichment (BRYE) program did just that with Valentine's Day flower sales.

BRYE Director Steven T. Prior '98 says that concentrated effort and a one-week advertising blitz for the annual fundraising event effective this year.

This year's BRYE flower sales netted approximately $2500.

Prior attributes the success of the endeavor to the "spirit of the counselors"--the dedication of the staff members who volunteered to work shifts selling and/or delivering the flowers.

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