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Just when the last heaps of snow were melting into little puddles and students were playing with frisbees and dogs in the Yard, barriers went up: white lines with poles that warn students to keep off the grass as it is reseeded and blue-green paint that some first-years have thought appeared to mask the lack of grass.

Although we at Dartboard acknowledge the need for the grass to grow, we are disappointed that there is never a time that students can enjoy the Yard except for the first week in the fall semester. Soon after, cold and snow drive frisbee-players and sun-bathers away. In the spring, the clothes-line-like fence keeps students off to make the grass perfect for Commencement. It is our belief that alumni would actually contribute more if they saw patchy grass and a shabbier yard, examples that Harvard really did need their money.

Is this re-seeding really the right approach? The Harvard birds seem to enjoy a lion's share of the seeds. And although we see a few tendrils of grass grow from seeding, there are rumors that bundles of sod grass are brought in by moonlight after students leave and before Commencement.

Students who are here through the worst parts of the year, and not the summer tourists, should be able to enjoy the Yard more.

Anyone for astro-turf?

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