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If you were surprised by the Harvard women in Playboy's "Ivy-League Roundup" last year, check out this month's Mademoiselle. In a feature entitled "I Was an Ivy League Prostitute," a Harvard graduate (Class of '95) describes her life as a professional escort from June 1994 until early 1995 (yes, she was at Harvard at the time).

The choice of photos on the first two pages is especially interesting: facing a scantily clad young woman counting dollar bills are the stately pillars of our much revered Memorial Church. The caption underneath reads "Even at Harvard University, there are hookers." No further information on how to find them is given.


One of my Leverett tower windows looks out on the path linking Dunster and Mather with the rest of the world, a popular place for dog owners to walk their pets. Last Monday afternoon, I was taking a peaceful nap when suddenly a woman outside began shouting "No! Stop him! No, no, no!" Curious and concerned, I peered out and saw a large, mean-looking dog on top of a much smaller, furrier dog. Four men--several of whom appeared to be Harvard students--were pulling at the larger dog while the owner of the smaller animal stood by and screamed helplessly. A crowd of nearly 10 people had gathered to watch the dogs fight.

Within seconds, the men pulled the attack dog back, and the little dog, barking, darted out of sight, with its owner following and calling after it, "No! Stop! Wait!" Meanwhile, as the crowd began to disperse and the student helpers went on to Mather, the owner of the vicious creature was on his knees pointing a finger at his dog's head and saying repeatedly "Bad! Bad dog! Bad!" The dog merely barked in the direction of his victim, now long gone, as his owner gave up and pulled him down Cowperthwaite Street. Geoffrey C. Upton


ARDEN O'CONNOR '00 was planning a special study break in her room with a tropical theme when things got a little carried away. Part of the tropical motif was a large kiddie pool filled with inflatable toys and candy. While filling the pool O'Connor spilled a large trash can filled with water in the Matthews fourth floor bathroom, flooding the entire bathroom with several inches of water. Her entry was not amused.


JOSHUA H. SIMON '00, a Crimson editor, was sitting in his Straus common room on Monday evening when the phone rang. Simon answered the phone and soon realized that the voice sounded familiar. The woman on the other end of the line was none other than the famous vocalist Celine Dion. She was calling from a Passover seder his parents had been attending in Florida. She just wanted to say hi.

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