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I do not hold any position of authority here at Harvard, nor can I claim to speak for any large group, but I would still like to speak on behalf of the student body. To God Street Wine: I'm sorry. Somehow, I thought that the school could give you more than a check and a couple of fans. I was wrong.

We had a heated debate over e-mail and at the lunch tables over who to bring to Springfest, and after all that, only 100 (being charitable, 200 hundred) students attended God Street Wine's concert. That is pathetic. God Street Wine has a reputation for loving to play music, and they attracted only 200 people. I'll leave it to people better at math than I, but that is a wretched turnout.

Harvard, if we don't want the reputation for being social rejects, then we had better do something about it.

I would also like to apologize to the Undergraduate Council. They tried hard, and we dropped the ball. We made them lose face as representatives of the student body. For the amount of effort they exerted, they didn't represent us. Wake up, Harvard. We have a lot to learn about being hosts. We'll need it in the real world. That should get you running. --Paul S. Gutman '00

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